Thursday, July 25, 2019

Nash Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Nash - Case Study Example In this proposed direct mail campaign, Kaminsky is not even sure which group of clients he would send it. Having enumerated these factors against the direct mail campaign, this campaign is likely to fail just like its predecessor even with the catchy phrases that Kaminsky has to consider as they do not relate to the business and are corny to say the least. Advertising in the industry’s national journal of human resource management in Canada through the Canadian HR Reporter is more appropriate in Kaminsky’s second promotional attempt. True, Kaminsky have already advertised in magazines before but it was not focused on his target clientele which are HR professionals so it had a lower chance of success. In advertising to a human resource journal, Kaminky’s chance of success is higher in advertising in Canadian HR Reporter considering that 72% of its subscribers are decision makers of his target market. It is also an efficient use of marketing budget considering that he will be hitting directly the group of people that avails of their service. Compared to the direct mail which Kaminsky is not even sure which group of prospective customers he should the eyeglasses. Kaminsky therefore should push for advertising in the Canadian HR Reporter for a full page for a month. He could reduce the exposure as well as the expenditure in the succeeding campaign by reducing it to a half page as a follow through to his initial advertisement of one full page. Malkam is a Cross Cultural Training Company founded by Laraine Kaminsky in 1989 as a home based business that provided English as a second language (ESL) training. The company eventually grow that by 1999, Malkam employed 10 full time staff with a database of approximately 65 consultants. Competition however is also growing strong and Malkam had to exert promotional marketing efforts to expand its clientele base and continue the growth of the

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