Thursday, September 26, 2019

School budget shortfall Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

School budget shortfall - Essay Example The numbers, specifically the percentages of each source relative to the entire fund has indeed changed through time. In the year 2009, the federal government had a contribution amounting to $340,728,694 or 49% of the entire source. It is still the major source, but is it 12% lesser than its original share. The not-for-profit source hardly grew in 2009 in terms of percentage share, posting at 16.6%. Indeed, the industry percentage has grown to 8% from 4% in 2000 and 2% in 2005. However, these changes are not significant as the government still dominates followed by not-for-profit. Indeed, the school needs support from the private sector as well and this is actually a welcomed development. This however does not in any way say that the university is becoming increasingly corporate. b. There is something ironic about the claim of increasing corporate influence. As seen in the table, the figure for the Haas School of Business is the lowest. The total amount was recorded at $203,807 or only 07% of the over-all expenditure. This means that the business department of the school actually has the least budget among the other departments. This is clearly in contrast to the claim that the university is increasingly becoming corporate. c. There is a great divide in the distribution of funds.

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