Sunday, August 11, 2019

A Reaction and Opinion on the TIVO Service Essay

A Reaction and Opinion on the TIVO Service - Essay Example This has happened in films for several decades: for example, the Aston-Martin cars that James Bond always drives or the prominently placed soft drinks such as Coke in many teenage films. This is starting to occur in TV programs as well. TIVO has an edge over other companies because it was the first one to offer such service, but many cable companies are now competing with them. For example, most cable companies, such as Comcast, now offer Digital Video Recorders that can be rented on a monthly basis and perform the same function as TIVO. These services are also cheaper than TIVO. Professional athletes are in the public spotlight for one simple reason. They are incredibly good at playing certain sports that many people want to watch and so they are paid a lot of money. These athletes are paid huge sums of money because of the amount advertisers will pay TV stations for the sports and the amount that fans will pay to attend the events. But unfortunately, professional athletes are also expected, for reasons that are not entirely clear, to be "role-models" for fans in general and the young in particular. For better or worse, people look up to athletes, and so parents/society expect them to act in a certain way.

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