Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Event Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Event Management - Essay Example It becomes significant for the event manager to consider the influences of an event all through implementing an effective planning process. Event impacts also capture the minds of the organisational members along with the policy makers for evaluating public expenditure on events and to assess any negative externalities (Damster & Tassiopoulos, 2006). The study related to event impacts have been arrived by the requirement to test the positive as well as negative influences of holding an event for the purpose of justifying public spending on events. The positive as well as negative influences can be observed at the time of conducting an event. The impact of event might be felt by numerous stakeholders along with the participants, local businesses as well as host community. There are different ways in which the event is likely to impact. The various areas upon which event are likely to impact include physical infrastructure, environmental, economic as well as tourism impacts, image enhancements and urban renewal. The inspirational power of any sporting event which further tends to be stimulated by media reach recommends the fact that they can be a useful tool in developing the interests of the people towards involvement in sports. It can be affirmed that the perception of an organiser relating to the socio-economic impacts of the f estivals along with other special events tends to possess four main domains such as economic benefits, community cohesiveness, social incentives as well as social costs (Gursoy & et. al., 2004). It can be revealed that the positive inflows of revenues into the country cannot be considered as the only factor towards recognising the success of an event. The negative social influence related to an event can lead to greater damages to the future of an event and the ecological influence might also lead towards premature death of any poorly administered event (Daniels & et. al., 2004). It can be identified that an

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