Wednesday, August 28, 2019

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Essay Example The historians oppose this concept. They illustrate that cultural and demographic constraints resulted into generally restrained courtship approach. Contemporary writers during the period deplored sexual activities, which they believed were not only rampant but also widespread. The popular culture during courtship period was considered immoral (Robert 39). Parents had significant role during selection of marriage partners. The initial stage of parents’ involvement is when courtship is serious. The parents had the responsibility of providing of formally providing or withholding consent. However, parental consent was not a legal requirement until 1754. In reality it took a lot of courage and will for a couple to continue with their courtship, in the presence of strong and open opposition from the parents or other respectable community members. Parental approval was greatly considered a desirable issue. For poorer couple, parental involvement was majorly a formality. The rich parents had economic factors to consider before providing consent; for instance, inheritance, family reputation, and dowry (Keith 92). The England community showed less control system and more flexible approaches in terms of parental control during courtship and marriage, than other world communities. Courtship and marriage were affected negligibly according to social class. There is no adequate illustration of a sub-society, during the period under study in terms of marriage. But, the concept that societal limitations illustrated a huge aspect of the attitude of the society towards reproduction, courtship and marriage, was mainly influenced through individual attraction, status in society and age. The social class factor was a significant factor to consider if property and wealth was involved. It was in some cases very difficult to marry into a family that is of high status financially or even

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