Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Hybridized Identity and the Love of Learning Assignment

Hybridized Identity and the Love of Learning - Assignment physical exertionIdentity is important in identity hybridization, one must know his identity first in advance being hybridized and turn it into something else. However, identities are constantly changing through time. I agree with the author towards Platos thought (par 8) that the fundamental identity of different things resided in the realm of the Forms (Plato, 1966 as cited by author). It really denies it. It does non merely seem to deny it. And Plato would deny that what is heroic today is different from what it was before. Peoples opinions close it might change, but those are shadows, not reality. But is there an assurance that the person is still the analogous if his identity changes? Hume suggested that the self is a bundle of perceptions, including memory that changes over time. This precludes that any two people could be the same, but it allows that one can change, constantly, and still have some almost undying (a t least in ones lifetime) thread. However, amnesia and dementia may erase all of the persons memories, which loses his touch between his past and present, making him different person because arguably, a person with severe dementia or amnesia is not the same person, only the same body.A person composes of multiple selves (par 12), but to Baldwin (1897) a self has two aspects the ego which represents the thoughts about oneself, and extrapolate which represents the way one thinks of another (par 13). Ego and alter play an important role in decision making and the way to react depending on situations. In Oupenskys statement (par 14) one becomes master over the other for only thirty minutes, until a freshly one takes over the other. This is similar to Nietzsches notion of the self as a number of wills to power, for each one expressing itself as master at different times. Transformation of ones identity becomes rapid if he

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