Monday, May 6, 2019

Sociology questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Sociology questions - Essay ExampleBy integrating, the morphologic assimilation from may be on the primary level where excusable group members enter the cliques and clubs of acquaintance in the dominant society or on the secondary level in which group members cluck organizations or public institutions made by the dominating class. Intermarriage is another form of assimilation which allows members of the minor group to have marital engagement with the members of the dominant group to bring the lower status at a much higher level.In the case of pluralism, acculturation is a form taken by the group as it chooses to maintain its own identity whereas cultural differences are almost negligible in structural pluralism and the groups may be designated at different points within the social structure. Equivalently, pluralism may take integration without accumulation as the third form.(2) The take in of conquest and colonization differed for men and women. Summarize the gender differences in the experiences of African Americans, American Indians, and Mexican Americans. Why did these differences occur?In general, gender differences have stereotyped African-American men as hypermasculine and oversexed while Afro-American women are the ones capable of being welfare promote and giving a significant number of births. African American men and women alike have shown with child(p) support at political struggle toward feminism and egalitarian views of mens and womens roles though Afro-American women display much liberalism.Mexican American men, on the contrary, have often been supposed to suffer traditional gender functions though it still depends on the generation to which a man belongs and the type of experience with family under force of labor. Despite certain standards traditionally set by parents for their daughters, the latter, as Mexican American women in the making, behave with

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