Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Theme of Failure as Presented in Das Boot :: Das Boot Essays

The Theme of Failure as Presented in Das Boot When Das Boot was first released in the United States, its ladder time was 145 minutes, and it won huge audiences and no less that six Oscar nominations-unheard of for a foreign burgeon forth. The genius of Wolfgang Petersens Das Boot is that to Americans it is considered a foreign film indeed not whole in the sense that the film is from Germany, but because the film offers a unique perspective of World War Two, the German perspective. This operate of view allows American audiences to walk away from theaters and be impacted by themes which are common in the cinematic industry. However, because the film is the story of a German submarine, the effect is different than anything American audiences have previously experienced. One of these themes is failure. Das Boot presents German forces as being able to overcome failure in a victorious manner, while the Allies are shown to be a rather unsuccessful military force. The passkey of the U -boat serves as a attribute for German warfare. He is first introduced in his full uniform, immediately it is known this man is a figure of authority. In the films chaotic opening scene, he is wiz of the few sober soldiers at the bar, illustrating that he is in control at all times. While many are frightened when he pushes the boat double beyond the recommended depth to test its sturdiness, no one challenges his decision. He is stern, powerful, and respected. As Roger Ebert writes about a scene later in the film Hes capable of cheering I demand proper reports even as the boat seems to be breaking up. On several occasions while under attack from depth charges, only the veteran Captains knowledge is the only thing which keeps the crew members of U-96 from the grave. Because the Captain serves as a human link to Germanys war effort, his characterization shows Germanys relative success in the war. When the Captain is triumphant, so too is Germany. Under no circumstances can the men onboard the U-96 fail. They are literally trapped in the boat, and all mistakes quickly lead to the akin fatal end. Whether the Captain mistakenly surfaces and has the periscope spotted by an enemy ship, or Johan abandons his post in the engine room, the consequence each time is disastrous. Every sailor on the boat depends on one another to perform his duties satisfactorily.

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