Saturday, May 11, 2019

Sony Integrated Marketing Communications Case Study

Sony compound Marketing Communications - Case Study ExampleThe 2008 fiscal year of Sony ended in the calendar month of March and the audit reports show that annual sales that were made by Sony in the year of 2008 equaled near $US90bilion which is a great amount. The number of employees that Sony has equals to about 190,000 people located in the manufacturing factors and in the offices all round the world.Sony is one company which has gained the success that it truly deserves and it has been known that it is one of the companies that is public in nature. It has got hold on the sh ars in four of the major stock exchanges in the worlds which include the stock exchanges based in impudent York, London, Tokyo and Osaka. In addition to this Sony is the brand with has about 1006 of the total subsidiaries located on an international outperform (Squire, 2001, p. 22).The selling orientation evolved the ideology of marketing providing the newer way of thinking to people. It included the p oint that the customers or the consumers are the entities who are much to a greater extent important than the profitability as customers are the stakeholders for the organizations.It is being said that the marketing is still evolving and the better changes are seen in the business line of the marketing these days. It is said that these days are the days when the evolution of marketing has entered into stern stage. The fourth evolutionary stage of the marketing is known as the in the flesh(predicate) marketing orientation and this is the one that is considered to be the better approach as compared to ones in previous (Abramson, 2003, p. 44).The fourth stage is the one that makes the point that the individual based marketing is the key to the successful marketing and by proper utilization of this stage and with proper understating this is the way that can be used to reach the customers on an individual basis. The marketing thereby can be done on an individual basis which seems to be a better and an integrating marketing approach (Shaw, 2005, p. 93). Since the start of the term of marketing, it has been seen that changes have been occurring in the field of marketing leading to the strategic approach being adopted by the marketers in many ways. The marketing that has been recognized in previous times as the business approach has been to make more and more of the profits has now changed to the one that has been to attract more and more customers so as to gain the look point of the product or the firm itself (Hollensen, 2008, p. 11).The main responsibility of the marketers based at Sony is to expand the brands throw across the borders a bit more. It

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