Friday, May 3, 2019

Management and Society Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Management and Society - Assignment ExampleHowever, I would wish to offer some illuminance and deliberations over the issues that need to be addressed, before the job is curtailed permanently (Blackman 119-123). Further, I would like to differ with the accounts given, regarding the gravels of the extensive death and the drop-off of the worlds bee population. First, I would like to acknowledge that the recent bee population decrement of 2012 is critical, and its impacts will be felt in the present as well as the future. The areas where I would like to differ with your recommendations of addressing the problem include that I would like to demonstrate out that pesticides are non employ by fruit farmers only, but also vegetable farmers among others, who are similarly run intoed by the problem at hand (Harding 229-232). Secondly, I would like to point out that the elimination of pesticide use will result in major economic and environmental impacts in the short as well as in th e long term. These impacts include that the production of fruits will reduce acutely, which will reduce the economic health of the farmers as well as the economy in general. Besides this, the immediate banning of pesticide use will affect the potential of the agricultural sector, which is likely to cause a food supply imbalance in the future. The solutions to this problem, from my point of view, include that your institution, my company and the farmers can channel resources and research towards the exploration of the problem, in an in-depth manner. Through the in-depth exploration of the problem, the feature forces will expose the specific causes of the colony collapse disorder. I have full confidence in the fact that the problem of pesticides whitethorn be a contributor to the problem, but it is not the only cause of the colony collapse disorder. For example, scientists have noted that the problem could be traced to the effects of a virus transmittal in the bee world, which could be the cause of the massive reduction. Considering these alternative causes of the problem it is important to note that through the writ of execution of the strategy you directed my company about which is requiring all fruit farmers to stop the use of pesticides, may not stop the reduction of the bee population. This is mainly because pesticides may not be the main contributor to the bee population-reduction crisis (Blackman 119-123). Alternatively, the research to be administered through the cooperative efforts of your institution, my company and the farmers can also explore the specific effects of pesticide use and the reduction in bee populations (Harding 229-232). Through the study, the study teams will draw inferences on the alternative ways of reducing the impacts of pesticide-use on the current crisis. Further, this study could incorporate other farmers and groups using pesticides, and not fruit farmers alone, because the other group may be the main contributor to the pes ticide release problem. Through the different outlooks, the study will offer inferences on the best channels of exploring the possibility that the problem is caused by the use of pesticides. Further, in the case that the studies show that a relationship exists between pesticide use and the reduction in bee populations, we could petition the manufacturers of the pesticides, particularly neonicotinoids. By

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