Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Critical annotated bibliography consisting of eight academic-level

Critical consisting of eight academic-level - Annotated Bibliography ExampleThe constant advances in digital technology overly have made available a wide variety of devices such as I-pads, I-pods, smart ph atomic number 53s etc that enable people to easily get connected to the internet due to which they constantly remain engaged with computers, internet and other devices.From desktops to laptops to handheld devices such as smart phones, modern technology has evolved at a tremendous pace and the ease and speed with which one can connect to internet encourages people especially youngsters to remain engaged with these devices for entertainment, communication, business and social networking. Thus, the modern humans have acquired a kind of overreliance on technology for every activity, which has made them addicted to it. The issue of addiction to computer and internet is more significant in the case of youngsters as this habit affects not only their studies and social life but health al so.While computer and internet technologies have a lot of positive impacts on the modern world, they also have some negative effects on people especially youngsters. Due to the over indulgence with computer, internet and social networking, the youngsters today spend a lot of time in the cyberspace. This prevents them from engaging in healthy social interaction, physical activities etc apart from consuming a lot of their time, which they could otherwise have washed-out on studies or other creative activities. Thus, the issue needs to be investigated to understand the actual consequences of the problem and to suggest some remedial measures.This study intends to measure out the problem of overindulgence of youngsters in the modern day with computer, internet and social networking activities. It will attempt to determine the impacts of this on their education, social life as hearty as health and suggest recommendations to regulate the use of internet and

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