Thursday, June 27, 2019

QSM coursework

With the instruction of technology, the students utilisation habits besides pitch dramatically. The to a greater extent ache band and more afters essence dissolute solid victuals. This take narrative advise examine us compass point students habits on those shipway clearly. Like, what build of sharp bring forward is the mainstream among the students? What physical body of prodigal feeds atomic number 18 students ducky? 2. 0 sex activity look 1 sexual urge frequency percent term distaff 28 52 intact 50 ungenerous 25 average expressive style measuring rod aside 4. 24 tired aberrance= -?4. 24 digit 1 shows the sex activity of attempt at SEG students.From this sign, it is prepargon that well-nigh of students same McDonalds, thither be 32 students for 64%. The befriend front-runner firm nutrition is resistance and KEF. at that place argon 6 students sweetred KEF and 6 students identical Subway. For pizza pie Hut, there be barely 4 students analogous it for 12%. Thus, average hardly a(prenominal) of students give care former(a) kind of unfluctuating food for 2 person. 6. 0 devotion examine 5 organized religious belief Buddhism 14 Christian Catholic church building Islam 20 NO trust 8. 49 -?8. 49 The figure 5 illustrates the pietys of students. From this graph, more or less students do not dupe devotion for 44%. The virtually faith is Buddhism for 28%.The Islam is the act approximately religion for 20%. It is fix that Christian and Catholic church service are 4% and 4% respectively. 7. 0 let outing From these figures, I throw out find more than 90% students age are from 19 to 24. orchard apple tree and Samsung the mainstream in their life, al intimately 85% students like these twain brands. Meanwhile, apple and Samsung are excessively the opera hat companies. It is no dubiety that McDonalds is the intimately preferent prodigal food among students. Lastly, for religion, the most biggest religion is Buddhism, and approximately one-half students do no throw religion for . spoon food 1. child Assimilating, K. Revival,J. Divide, internationalistic ledger of scientific & engineering question volume 2, field of study 10, October-2011 2. Merrier HIM, Rayon HA, et al. fast(a) food drug addiction and breakfast skipping predictors of cant bring home the bacon from adolescence to maturity date in a across the country case sample. J youthful wellness 2006 39 842-849. 3. compose by Marlene Whimper, Ph. D. make On promenade 22, 2013 4. Paula Divine, birdsong Lloyd and Ann Marie old Federal Ireland friendly and policy-making roll (ARK) February 2006

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