Saturday, June 8, 2019

Letter to relative requesting financial assistance to start a retail Article

Letter to relative requesting financial assistance to start a retail store - Article ExampleWe intend to separate ourselves from the competition by utilizing both a brick and mortar storefront at the mall as well as a web presence. Therefore, our customer base will not be limited to local clients, but we will deal with a possible worldwide clientele. Our market research has indicated that there is a high level of dissatisfaction among gift recipients as a result of the lack of high- quality customized gifts that are as well as affordable. Our intention is to fill the gap between the high-end customized gifts and the lackluster generic gift market. The Gift Basket Company offers these people an alternative, providing them memorable and magical gift baskets.For example, we determination highly detailed surveys to prepare our baskets, in which the customer gives details about such things as favorite colors, foods, hobbies, interests and other items of interest that help us lay down the most appropriate gift basket. Daily employee relations create an enormous opportunity for corporate gift baskets. Companies are experiencing more and more needs for gifts felicitous gifts for new births or marriages, sympathy gifts for bereaved family members and even smaller items to welcome a new employee or give thanks to a longstanding employee.In addition, the clientele for corporate gifts is wide open.

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