Thursday, June 20, 2019

Discussion and Planning Log Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Discussion and Planning Log - Assignment ExampleNevertheless, Gunther offers useful tips that include being specific, addressing the topic, focusing on strengths, good communication, include arbitrary links, and being formal. However, some tips like reading everything aloud before sending the email and using paragraph breaks are too basic for any generator to forget.Notably, Gunther would have helped the applicants by offering short, detailed, and positive advice without irritating them with his pride and all-knowing attitude. He should have started with appreciating the applicants for applying and include only the close to important tips to shorten the letter.Having genuine other rejection letters, I think Gunthers approach was ineffective. The other rejection letters were short, objective, and communicated the unavailability of the applied position in a courteous manner.This letter should be shorter for the endorser to develop some interest on its content. The letter should al so be positive, sincere, courteous, and objective. The rudeness, emotions, and pride depicted in the letter discourage the applicants from appreciating its contents.This letter should advice the rejected applicants on how to write successful job application emails. The letter should also inform them of the reasons for their rejection in a short, sincere, polite, and positive manner. Addressing the letter to only the rejected applicants would be the most effective manner to help future job applicants. The letter should only include the most important tips.In writing the letter, I will allot the fact that the readers do not like long letters, hate a negative approach in writing, appreciate objectivity and sincere rejection, and need advice on how to apply for a job.The readers have prior knowledge of rejection letters after failures in applying for jobs. They know the contents, length, and tone of a rejection letter. However, they lack knowledge on odd rejection letters that define the reasons for a rejected

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