Friday, June 14, 2019

Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 24

Marketing - Essay ExampleStuffed animals bespeak stuffing. By looking at the raw hooey inputs that are used in stuffed animals, it was thought that these hole punch scraps can be used as alternative. The major concern in deciding on which products to choose, where the hole punch scraps can be useful is the question of volume. Hole punch scraps can only be of import if they are sold in huge volumes. The answer to this question has been found on the stuffed animals alternatives for raw material inputs.Hole punch scraps are raving mad materials, that in essence when they are manufactured they are very minimal in terms of costs. The materials that are used to stuff animals like straw, beans, plastic pellets, cotton, unreal fibres, or other similar materials (Wikipedia 2010), are naturally produced for the stuffing, thus maybe more costly to manufacture.The demand for these products come from children and adults who look for comfort objects (Fisher 2010). From a psychological perspect ive, the fascination for comfort objects has sprung up during the late 1800s when life is hard and comfort objects like stuffed animals tend to cheer people up for unique psychological situations ( 2008). The pipeline of stuffed animals businesses is traced back to practices of taxidermy, where skins of hunted animals are stuffed in order to mimic their appearances even when they are no longer alive.The demand for these products can be traced to a need using Maslows hierarchy of needs framework (Kotler & Armstrong 2004). A comfort object provides the consumer with security and partly, some social needs. During unique situations such as personal tragedies, problems and moments of loneliness, and nerve-racking events, comfort objects somehow provide the feeling of having company as well as the feeling of being safe holding something ( 2008).Pricing is a

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