Saturday, June 22, 2019

Current Technology Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Current Technology - Assignment ExampleThe main purpose of service packs is that they help from surety breaches like network intrusion, viruses, Trojan horses, and etcetera. To set up Wi-Fi, you first need a broadband internet connection which is a high speed connection, actu bothy fast as compared to a dial-up connection using a telephone line. Then, you need a modem. For a wireless network, a cable modem is recommended which is a cunning that enables high speed internet connectivity. Afterwards, you would need a wireless router, that is, a device that entrust facilitate the flow of data traffic between all the PCs that are to be networked together (see physique 1). Most laptops today have built-in wireless network adaptors which save one from buying an external adapter. Now, permits explain how Wi-Fi works. The user should have the cable modem and the router hooked up to the wall. The modem is to be connected to the broadband internet connection, and the wireless router is t o be connected to the modem (see Figure 2). The user will have to plug one end of the network cable, that came with the router, to the WLAN port of the router, and the other end to the modem. This is how the modem and router get connected. After the cable is blocked into the router, then to confirm if it has fruitfully connected to the modem, they should see the WLAN mark on the router. If it has lighten up, that means the user has done it. Now, the wireless router needs to be configured properly. First of all, the user needs to connect his PC to the router just temporarily using the network cable that came with the router, in any one of the fit ports on the router other than the WLAN port. He should, after turning on the PC and opening a page in the internet explorer, type in the address of the router in the address bar. He can get this address from the instruction manual he must have got from the routers vendor. A dialogue box will appear that will demand username and password. This also can be searched from the manual. After the password has been created, he will be directed to the routers configuration page. The things that necessarily need to be configured are creating a distinctive name for the wireless network, enabling WPE2 encryption for network intrusion detection, and creating an administrative password. This will help him save his network from unauthorized access. After saving the changes, the routers configuration is completed. He, then, needs to unplug the PC from the router. The PC will either automatically detect the router if it has a built-in wireless network adapter, or the user will have to configure the external network adapter by inserting the CD that came with it. The user will go to the wireless network icon in the icon tray located at the bottom right corner of the computer screen, select connect to the network, click on the name of the router, and get connected. The router will transmit information through the modem over to the int ernet. Wherever the user takes his PC, he will be wirelessly connected to the router. There will be no need to keep stuck at one place because there will be no wires connected to the PC. 3. Advantages First of all, the greatest advantage is that the user does not have to get stuck in bundles of wires, since Wi-Fi is a wireless

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